Cristina Paredes is the founder of Teachers Who TECH (TWT). Cristina started teaching 10 years ago, in her home country of Ecuador, working on strengthening the national math curriculum through games. She fell in love with helping students apply their knowledge. In June 2016, Cristina presented at the Technology of Information & Communication in Education Congress in Ecuador. In January 2017, Cristina ran a hands-on STEM Camp to more than 1000 K-8 students from 10 different public schools in China. And in March, she lead 2 STEAM PBL week-long workshops for teachers of public sectors in Beijing. Cristina plans to continue to expand TWT on a city, state, national and international level to open more continued collaboration and learning opportunities.

Kira Geselowitz is the Learning Support Specialist for a neuropsychology clinic while continuing the final stages of doctoral studies in Teacher Quality & Teacher Education at the University of Washington where she earned her M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction in 2013. She discovered her passion for understanding how people learn duringundergraduate courses and research in cognitive psychology and Spanish at Northwestern University. Kira has held various teaching and tutoring roles for students and educators of all ages, ranging from designing and teaching a 7th grade Personal Development course to creating and leading multiple teacher professional developments and teaching pre-service courses which focus on developmental psychology and social-emotional learning. Kira recently taught a PD on integrating STEM curriculum in Beijing, and she looks forward to continuing to work with and learn from people around the world.