Teachers Who TECH offers enrichment classes and after school courses which guide students to apply classroom learning in real-life projects that they design, engineer and create! 

The emphasis of these projects is connecting students' learning in a cross-curriculum model

Through the concept of Project-based Learning, students will apply their fundamental knowledge in core subjects like math, history, reading and science to create technological and artistic creations.  

TWT after school courses consists of Daily Projects all related to a Theme. These Daily Projects allow for students to continue to elaborate on the same concept through different projects. Through repetition, learning solidifies. 


At TWT, we EMbrace failure
as a necessary tool to succeed. 

Through failure, reflection and reworking the problem leads to not only success, but confidence and a deeper understanding.  

Additionally, students will also have the opportunity to use Design Thinking to facilitate their innovation planning and implementation.

For more information
about which schools offer TWT's courses or
how to enroll your school,
please contact us:  

EMAIL:    info@teacherswhotech.com  
PHONE:   425-610-6261