Affiliate Programs

TeachersWhoTech is proud to partner with a diverse network of educational and technological affiliates to continue to spread creativity and knowledge in our community. Here, we  promote our partnerships in our affiliate programs and networking opportunities. 



GeekGirlCon is an organization that works to empower women and girls to pursue their passions—whether they love science and technology, comics, literature, gaming, or anything else! 

TeachersWhoTECH will be presenting the "Custom Super Hero Masks" workshop for the second year. 

Date: September 30th -October 1st
Time: 9am - 4pm
Location: The Conference Center
Passes are now availabe: GeekGirlCon'17

October Maker Day at MOHAI 

Maker Days take place the last Saturday of each month, and are included with museum admission. Each drop-in event features a different local organization, company, or artist that leads activities designed for all ages and skill levels. Past Maker Days have included: 3-D printing, book making, extracting strawberry DNA, and more!

In October 28th Teachers Who TECH will be hosting a Maker Day. The theme is "Super Heroes Masks"

Make this Maker Day complete by making your own face-formed Super Hero(ine) Mask! Zelda, Iron (wo)Man, Pikachu, or get creative with your own original design! Each mask is unique to you, with personalized face molds to custom fit your mask to your features, and then get creative with it to represent your inner powers! All the while, you'll learn of the STEAM applications of technology, math and history that goes into mask-making.

Date: October 28th
Time: 11am - 2pm
Location: Museum of History & Industry, 860 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA, 98109


Spokane STEM

The Spokane STEM Network fills a niche in our community that no other organization fills by working to transform the way we think, learn, work, and live through STEM by enhancing STEM education opportunities for all youth in the region. Therefore, the number of students pursuing and achieving success in STEM careers will be increased. Our goal is to reduce the STEM skills gap and grow Washington’s economy.

geek girl con icon.png

geek girl con 

Is a two-day convention on September 30 and October 1, 2017, GeekGirlCon sets up an inclusive environment in the heart of downtown Seattle to celebrate every geek and honor the legacy of women contributing to science and technology; comics, arts, and literature; game play and game design; and beyond.

If you’ve never been to GeekGirlCon—or perhaps you’re still reveling from last year’s fun and curious about what’s to come—take a look below at what you can expect.



NWAIS Fall educators conference

TeachersWhoTech is happy to announce its participation in the annual NWAIS Fall Educators Convention in
Tacoma, October 14, 2016.  
The topic of this year's conference is Thinkers, Transformers and Troublemakers: Agents of Change

Come check out TWT, as we present an interactive workshop:


                         Friday, October 14: 12:00 - 2:15pm

In this session, gain insight on the benefit of cross-disciplinary lesson planning to create real-world project-based learning opportunities. Learn how STEAM teams are putting to life these concepts and see some successful projects that have been used with middle schoolers. Work with other educators to create a mock lesson plan that demonstrates the tools you can use to easily implement these concepts into your schools and classrooms. 


TeachersWhoTech is partnered with Tech++ to collaborate on future events and programs in order to "Empower Women to Capitalize on Technology within Various Career Paths."