WHAT is Teachers Who TECH?


Teachers Who TECH is an educationally-focused service provider that offers

  • educator workshops in developing/aligning STEAM curriculum models
  • classroom-incorporated technology training for teachers
  • after school project-based learning program for students
  • free tech talks for community building and networking
  • physical & digital creative spaces for teachers and students to share and discover
  • courses/clubs/workshops in STEAM-based projects

STEAM = Science Technology Engineering Arts Math*
            *Note: This field is commonly referred to as STEM (without Arts),
but we intentionally refers to this field as STEAM
in order to recognize the importance of the arts
incorporated throughout these skill areas


WHY Teachers Who TECH?


“[STEM] is more than a school subject, or the periodic table, or the properties of sine waves. It is an approach to the world, a critical way to understand and explore and engage with the world, and then have the capacity to change that world..."

— President Barack Obama, March 23, 2015

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration:

  • In 2010, there were 7.6 million STEM workers in the United States, representing about 1 in 18 workers.
  • STEM occupations are projected to grow by 17.0 percent from 2008 to 2018, compared to 9.8 percent growth for non-STEM occupations.
  • STEM workers command higher wages, earning 26 percent more than their nonSTEM counterparts.
  • More than two-thirds of STEM workers have at least a college degree, compared to less than one-third of non-STEM workers.
  • STEM degree holders enjoy higher earnings, regardless of whether they work in STEM or non-STEM occupations.

The President has called on the nation to develop, recruit, and retain 100,000 excellent STEM teachers over the next 10 years. He also has asked colleges and universities to graduate an additional 1 million students with STEM majors.

These improvements in STEM education will happen only if Hispanics, African-Americans, and other underrepresented groups in the STEM fields—including women, people with disabilities, and first-generation Americans—robustly engage and are supported in learning and teaching in these areas.

At TeachersWhoTech, we share the President's commitment to supporting and improving STE(A)M education. Ensuring that all students have access to high-quality learning opportunities in STEAM subjects is a priority. 

Have you considered how often we experience STEAM in our lives? Science is our natural world and the components that make it up: the sun, moon, stars, lands, rocks, oceans, weather, humans, animals, insects, plants, bacterium, the list is almost endless. In today’s world, technology means computers and smartphones, but the real definition is simply "the application of knowledge for practical ends;" it goes back to television, radio, microscopes, telegraph, telescopes, compasses, magnets and even the first wheel. Engineering includes designing buildings, roads, and bridges, but it also tackles today’s challenges of transportation, global warming and environment-friendly machines, appliances and systems. We only have to look around to see what improvements to our lives and our homes have been engineered in the last decade alone. Arts is key to creativity and creativity is an essential component of innovation. Innovation is necessary to improve upon and create new industries and new industries, with their new jobs, are the basis of our future economic wellbeing.  We commonly think our encounters with mathematics at the grocery store, the bank, and on tax forms, but what about the math we use every second to calculate time? To estimate distance? To share a slice of cake? Also, every other STEAM field depends on mathematics. STEAM is important, because it pervades every aspect of our lives.



WHO is Teachers Who TECH?

Cristina Paredes

I am Ecuadorian, and have always embraced the importance of giving back to my community. In 2008, I started volunteering with a non-profit organization called the SHARE Foundation, which is based out of San Francisco, and has connections in Ecuador and parts of Africa. After my first week with SHARE, I saw education in a whole new light; I was learning educational core mathematical concepts through games. I played while I was learning about percentages, fractions, and even algebra. I was intrigued and became a lead facilitator to share these ideas with others. After 3 years of traveling around my country teaching these games, mainly in indigenous communities, I realized that I had become a teacher and I loved it.

At this point, I decided that I had to take the next step: a Masters in Education. I attended California State University, San Marcos and there I learned about what it is to be a teacher, observed classes, co-taught classes, wrote, researched, wrote more, and of course shared experiences to help me understand that teaching is tough and not for everyone. But it is for me!

Right after finishing my masters I got a job in one of the most diverse schools in Seattle. My background and previous degree in Networking and Operative Systems landed me as the Director of Technology and with the role to help create a STEAM curriculum.  



  • Lego Mindstorm Robotics Team Coach
  • Computer Guts
  • Music with microcontrollers
  • Fashion with microcontrollers
  • Building Electric Guitars
  • Recycled Cardboard Challenge
  • Hydraulic Machines - Elevators
  • Pinhole Cameras
  • Circuits, Robotic hands, and the Brain
  • Circuits, Batteries, and Light Bulbs
  • Stoplights with Microcontrollers
  • 3D Printing Club
  • The Hour of Code: Scratch, HTML

Now I am in a place where I hope to share my knowledge, connections and excitement
to reach out and help other educators and students live and love STEAM!
This is how TeachersWhoTech was born.
I am excited to see what the future holds for TWT and for me!

LinkedIn : Cristina Paredes




Sarina Murrell

sarina guitar.jpg

My involvement with Teachers Who TECH just made sense. I was raised with technology - with a dad who was always taking things apart and putting them back together, just to understand how they work.  

Also, I have been involved in education ever since middle school - tutoring elementary students in math was my very first job as an 8th grader. From there, I have continued to hold teaching and tutoring as an integral part of my professional priorities. 

After I graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Communicative Sciences and Disorders, I moved to Ecuador to experience the culture and to teach.  I taught English as a Foreign Language in two universities and in one high school. From there, I was introduced to the SHARE Foundation, and began to facilitate teacher math workshops in indigenous areas throughout the country.

Three years later, now back in the US, I was the Program Director of the international student division at a charter high school in California. After three years in southern California, I headed to Seattle to complete my Master's in Science in Medical Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Washington. 

At Teachers Who TECH, I am in charge of program development, customer satisfaction, and business management, along with some co-teaching and new instructor training. I am excited and encouraged for all that TWT has to offer. 

Isa Solano es la Coordinadora de capacitación docente en Ecuador. Isa a trabajado  en varias instituciones privadas de Educación Superior dedicada a comprender las necesidades del entorno educativo y generar productos que ayuden al docente a desempeñar su rol de manera exitosa.

Facilitadora de talleres interactivos relacionados con temas pedagógicos que brindan a los docentes herramientas para implementar una enseñanza más participativa y dinámica.

Colaboradora freelance con empresas privadas en temas de coordinación de capacitaciones, revisión y creación de proyectos educativos.

Voluntaria en las Guías Scouts del Ecuador como parte del Comité de vinculación con la sociedad y personal de apoyo en capacitaciones

Comprometida con incidir en la educación mediante experiencias enriquecedoras de aprendizaje que ayuden a potenciar individuos conocedores y críticos de nuestro entorno


Coming soon: More information about how to get involved! Be a volunteer or an instructor!